Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Coco the jaguar and I, Malley were starting a new journey.We were going to my favorite place, Ethiopia, Africa! We set out on our journey at 9:00 a.m. We took a lot of food and clothes and a lot of things.Coco was very excited to go to Africa because her friends are there!If you are wondering who Coco is, I shall tell you right now. Hm... let's see, she was a little cub when I found her in South America. She was very lonely and sad.I decided to take her home and for her to be my friend.Right now she is 6 months old.So now let's get back to our journey...

Both of us went outside and into my jeep. I had to go to the gas station to get gas to get to New York to catch our ferry. One week after we traveled to New York we got on our ferry and it took us and our car to Europe.So then when we got there we d.rove to Spain. From there we got another ferry and that took us to Africa. It was a very hard trip and very tiring. After we got there we had to drive to Ethiopia. It was a 4 hour trip.

We were so happy that we got here. We went to our cabins and put our stuff on our beds. Coco was hungry. I gave her some kitty food and she liked it. I told her that I wanted to go explore Africa and it's many kingdoms. Especially Kush, because I have heard much about it, and it seems very exciting. We decided to go there, so we packed up some things like water, food(snacks), camera, notebook, chew toy for Coco, and more important things.

We drove to the tourists place and asked for directions on how to get to Kush. It took a little time because I couldn't really understand African language. Luckily, some one translated for me and said all the directions. Well that helped a lot. We were driving Coco noticed something unusual on the road. I stopped the car and got of to examine the artifact.Just our luck! It was an old map of a palace that seemed like the ones in Kush. I figuered that it was because I did some research on Kush before we left. Coco was so excitied. We followed the map and when we got there, there was a big palace in front of us.